Village guards cut down centuries-old trees in Besta

In the Kurdish region of Besta, village guards are destroying large areas of forest on behalf of the Turkish state. Centuries-old trees fall victim to the clearing.

In the Kurdish region of Besta, which is characterized by resistance and extends between the cities of Şırnak and Siirt, the forests are being systematically destroyed to facilitate the Turkish army's warfare against the Kurdish freedom movement.

At the beginning of the summer months, large forest fires broke out, especially in the Mêrg û Mar area, but also in other regions. These fires are often set by the army, which prevents them from being extinguished. This summer, the so-called village guards have started to cut down the centuries-old oaks in the Sêrê area. Buses take them to the Sêrê Rê region for the clearing work. Since the area is impassable and inaccessible to trucks, the trees are loaded onto tractors and taken away for loading onto trucks.

The Şırnak Forest Works Directorate had announced that it would thin out all forests on Mount Cudi as part of a "rehabilitation program."