Turkish state targets the nature of Kurdistan

The Turkish army and its mercenaries launched their invasion operation in South Kurdistan on 23 April. Since then, they have continued to attack the people and nature.

Following the Turkish state's invasion attacks on Medya Defense Areas on 23 April, thousands of trees were cut down to build roads and outposts in the Metina, Zap, Heftanin and Zagros mountains. As a result of the bombing of many villages by the Turkish state in the regions of Derkari, Berwarî, Bêgova, Zaxo, the people of the region suffered greatly. Many villages in Metina and Heftanin are still being evacuated due to the shelling of the Turkish state. Not only that, the Turkish state also destroys all the natural resources of South Kurdistan in this war, cuts down trees and burns them.

Turkey aims at making its presence permanent in South Kurdistan.

The guerrillas are resisting with new tactics and methods the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state. This reality has left the Turkish army facing a major crisis. The Turkish army, caught in the guerrilla resistance, takes its revenge on the territory of Kurdistan. Turkey has been bombing every area of ​​Kurdistan for months, cutting trees and burning forests in front of the eyes of the whole world.

The fascist Turkish state bombs the villages of Kestê, Hirore, Deşîşê, Seraro, Edin and Koordîne every day and burns the surrounding forests. The people of the region, whose entire livelihood is agriculture and farming, cannot live in their homes and lands due to the attacks by the Turkish state.

Having lost this war against the guerrilla forces, the Turkish state takes all its anger out on the people of the region and the nature of Kurdistan. The AKP government, which has plundered the country's forests, water resources, mines and coasts since the day it came to power, has caused many natural disasters.