Turkish destruction of nature in Bradost continues

The Turkish army continues its invasion attacks and destruction of nature in Bradost region in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Guerrilla forces continue resisting the Turkish army’s invasion operation against the Bradost region located in the triangle area between South (Bashur), North (Bakur) and East (Rojhilat) Kurdistan.

The region is constantly bombed by the Turkish army with F-16 fighter jets, Cobra helicopters, mortars and howitzers.The bombardments cause irreversible damage and destruction for nature and environment.

Turkish bombardments carried out on Xakurke and Xinere areas on August 4 started a wildfire in the region, burning hundreds of hectares of forest land to ashes.  The fire in the area, which houses various endemic and endangered species, continues growing.

While the governments of South Kurdistan and Iraq maintain their silence and take no steps to stop Turkey’s genocidal attacks and its deadly consequences, people of Bradost have mobilised in an attempt to extinguish the fire with their own means.

People living in Bradost region state that the highlands and pastures have suffered a major destruction, that animals are threatened with starvation and that their lives are in great danger.