Turkey’s mercenaries cut down 100 olive trees in Afrin

The Turkish invasion of Afrin has left one and a half years behind. During this period of time, the Turkish state and allied mercenaries have committed numerous crimes and massacres.

The Turkish-backed mercenary group Ahrar al-Sharqiya continue committing human rights violations and destroying nature in occupied Afrin territory.

The mercenaries have cut down 100 olive trees belonging to people in the village of Axceli, in the Jindires district.

According to Afrin Human Rights Organization, the occupation forces have cut down 15,000 olive trees in the Afrin region since it was invaded.

According to the recorded data, 3 to 5 million trees were plundered by the invaders.

Only 160 are left of the total 300 olive plants in Afrin after its occupation. The Turkish state held these plants to ransom, causing a significant decrease in the soap production in the canton. A 25 percent decrease has been recorded in the production of commercial products.