The dance of Siya Çiya with the guerrilla

A gazelle that was separated from its herd due to bombardments of Turkish warplanes when still a fawn and eventually came across a unit of guerrillas, has now its own companions and a name: Siya Çiya.

What word could express such beauty? What pen could adorn it with sentences? What is it that makes the PKK possessor of this unlimited beauty and loveliness and such unmatched? Is it this exceptionalism, this uniqueness, that forged their fellowship to this extent?

Nature expresses itself in every being differently. When I behold this magical aura that brings these living beings together, I get taken aback. They have fused with nature so much that a human is left with no other option than becoming an adorer of their commitment. Despite all difficult circumstances and conditions and the severity of the war, this unity needs to be told of.


Have you seen those street dancers once? Are they not very peculiar indeed? In fact, this peculiarity of theirs unsheathes their rebellious nature. With their dance they display the society's harmony and enchant the humans in that way. Also I have witnessed many beautiful things, that have left in every manner an impact on me. But what I saw was not the dancing of humans. It was the unity and the devotion of two totally different living beings, that were standing against the wind of the mountains.


Gazelles grow and live at unreachable places. I was watching a gazelle and a guerrilla, whose eyes met each other. The guerrilla was looking at this beauty the same way he looked at his comrades. Another guerrilla was dancing with the gazelle of the rebellious mountains. And they were dancing in such consonance that you could feel the harmony, love, affection and loyalty. I shot a few pictures to share these unforgettable moments of utmost beauty.


This gazelle is not without a name. It is in possession of a first and surname in fact: Siya Çiya; Shadow of Mountain. Now you might ask, is mountain shadow an appropriate name at all? If you ask me, it surely is. This gorgeousness of the mountains is leaving behind an impact beyond example. Siya got harmed by Turkish airstrikes and got separated from its herd when still a fawn. Guerrillas found little Siya and took the fawn in. Even though it is a wild animal, Siya gets immensely attached to these guerrillas and is never leaving their side. Like in a mother-child relation, Siya is absorbing everything and learning quickly.


Guerrilla Rêdûr Mêrdîn joined the ranks of the PKK in 2010. The love sparkling in Rêdûr’s eyes was embroidered in every way inside of his heart. This love was clearly visible in his shining eyes. This love of life that the guerrillas harbour, they also share with the nature and animals from heart. The horse of this guerrilla with that beautiful heart, is Kejê. Even though the guerrillas are in the emplacements on the very frontline, they are still looking after Kejê and providing every daily need. I saw here once again, that the guerrillas have hearts so big that they can share their endless devotion with everyone.