South Kurdistan Women's Initiative protests Turkish state's attacks on the nature of Kurdistan

The South Kurdistan Women's Initiative protested the Turkish state's attacks on the nature of Kurdistan and said in a statement that "there are no natural disasters in Kurdistan, there are Turkish state disasters".

The South Kurdistan Women's Initiative issued a written statement regarding the recent fires and ecocide attacks in North Kurdistan.

The initiative expressed its condolences to those who lost their lives in the fires in Amed and Mardin, and added: "The invading Turkish state is not only destroying our culture and language, but is also decimating our environment. There is no natural disaster in Kurdistan, the real disaster is what the Turkish state has done. They are making our lands unusable by cutting down trees and using chemical weapons. They are destroying our nature by bombing our mountains and villages. Now they are burning our forests. This is a conscious policy developed by the Turkish state."

Calling on the Kurdish people to further strengthen their stance against plunder, the Women’s Initiative said: "The Turkish state does not help the Kurdish people in any way. The fires in Kurdistan are an act to destroy our lands. Our people must unite against the invading Turkish state and take a strong stance against this oppression. We should not remain silent in the face of the crimes committed by the Turkish state in Kurdistan."