Snow magic in Rojava

White spectacle in Rojava: For the first time in more than four years, it snowed in many cities of northeast Syria. The snow fun was not only left to the children.

The worst cold front for more than four years has covered Rojava with snow. In Qamishlo, Tirbêspî, Rimêlan, Dêrik, Amûdê, Hesekê and Dirbêsiyê, children and adults alike cheered in the streets, traffic was engulfed in chaos, and security forces engaged in snowball fights with young people. Those who preferred to leave this snow pleasure to others at least watched with a more or less benevolent look out of the window. And this spectacle will be repeated in the coming days.

Rojava is currently experiencing a particularly cold winter, with temperatures often below freezing at night. During the day the temperatures rise to values around eight degrees.