People begin to plant vegetables in Shaddadi

After inadequate rains throughout North and East Syria, people in Shaddadi have begun to plant vegetables in order to meet daily vegetable need.

Inadequate rates of rain yearlong throughout North and East Syria caused draught and accordingly increase of vegetable prices. Hence, people living in the Shaddadi district started doing agriculture to meet daily vegetable needs.

Eyde el Feel who plants vegetables on the fields in the countryside of Um Al-Hajar said “Our fields in the countryside are arable. We came here to grow vegetables on our fields and get prepared for upcoming summer.”

She pointed out high prices of vegetables in the bazaars and added, “Because of high prices in the bazaars throughout the region, we plant various strains of vegetables like tomato, pumpkin and cucumber on our fields. We aim to meet our daily vegetable need.”

Eyde also stated that citizens owning fields in the countryside of Um Al-Hajar began to dig wells to water their cultivating lands.

Eyde El Hefel expressed that products will be sold in affordable prices in bazaars to relieve local people’s burden, after they reaped required amount of vegetables for their own need.

She noted that they significantly benefited from vegetable plantation in last year and they intend to grow various strains of products like olive, pomegranate and grape this year. On the other hand, she stressed that they do not need any additional workers since they can overcome both farming and agricultural works by themselves in order to minimize the costs.

Shaddadi Agricultural Committee stated that they will support the agricultural projects developed to water the fields through wells in gardens throughout the region. The Committee had also announced that they would support farmers to be provided fuel, fertilizer, and pesticides.