Online event on ecology struggles in Kurdistan and worldwide

An online event on the topic of "Climate and Ecological Struggles in Kurdistan and Worldwide" will take place on Friday. Ercan Ayboğa from the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement and activists from the WaldstattAsphalt campaign will speak at the event.

In preparation for the long march to Strasbourg for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan from February 4 to 13, there will be an online event on "Climate and Ecological Struggles in Kurdistan and Worldwide" on January 29 at 7pm.

Kurdistan and the entire Middle East are also severely affected by the climate crisis. Droughts as well as extreme floods have been the norm for more than 20 years. The destruction of nature and the climate is also intensified by thousands of small and large investment projects - the result is an emerging ecocide. But in Kurdistan, an ecology movement has been forming for years that opposes the destruction (and capitalist exploitation) of nature, climate and human livelihoods, seeking alliances with ecological movements in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, as well as beyond. The "social ecology" is opposed to capitalism. This is derived from the concept of "democratic confederalism," which was decisively developed by the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Right from the start, there is a close connection in the perspective to the global struggles. In Rojava and throughout northeastern Syria, a society is being built that takes ecological goals as its basis, in addition to radical democratic and gender-free ones. Here it is possible to build something new, free from hierarchical states.

Ercan Ayboğa from the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement will talk about ecological struggles in Kurdistan and the ecological paradigm of the Kurdish freedom movement. There will also be a contribution by activists from the WaldstattAsphalt campaign, with whom the global dimension of the ecological struggle will be addressed.

The event will take place online and can be accessed through the following link:

Access code: 469717

More information about the long march can be found at: