North Kurdistan: Control through the destruction of memory

An article by the Union of Libertarian Communists addresses the issue of ecocide in North Kurdistan.

Ecocide, urbicide (destruction of the urban environment with the aim of ethnocide), linguicide... for more than a century, the Kurds have been victims of a global genocide which spares neither the heritage nor the nature of Kurdistan.

The website of the Libertarian Communist Union has just published an article on the subject of the destruction of the memory (history) of Kurdistan by Turkey in its colonialist war to put down the Kurdish resistance.

"In Turkey, President Erdoğan's party is deploying all the means at its disposal to destroy the Kurdish resistance. At the end of April, the army attacked part of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, targeting the PKK guerrillas. Other strategies on Kurdish territory in Turkey are being put in place to construct a nationalist discourse favorable to the AKP by erasing Kurdish existence," writes Elsa from UCL Grenoble, who signed the article, in the intro.

The full article can be read here