Nick Hildyard talks about climate catastrophe

Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley of Peace in Kurdistan interviews Nick Hildyard of The Corner House about the climate catastrophe.

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign is involved in a monthly series of collaborative publications on re-envisaging self-determination and international struggle in the 21st century. The sixth paper is about climate and energy.

After an article by Larry Lohmann, co-founder and member of the Corner House, a UK solidarity and mutual learning group which aims to support democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice, now Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley of Peace in Kurdistan interviews Nick Hildyard, a founder and Director of The Corner House.

Before forming The Corner House, Hildyard was co-editor of the environmental magazine The Ecologist from 1976 to 1997. Hildyard served as Director of the Ilisu Dam Campaign.

Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley is a lecturer of political sociology at the University of Cambridge.

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