Nature of Eastern Kurdistan under attack

The nature of Rojhilat, known for its beauty, greenery, water and fertility, is also under attack.

The nature of Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan, Iran) is a great blessing to its inhabitants; It is a generous basin with its beauty and abundance.

The fresh air of the Hawraman highlands, blood red pomegranates, Marivan's vineyards, gardens, orchards and Zirebar Lake dressing the city like a bride, are indeed like a prize. The water, air and natural fountains of Saqiz plateaus take you to the real world. Saqiz is like the places where milk and honey flows, which are mentioned a lot in those holy books. Only those who see it can talk about the beauty of the Shaho and Kosalan mountains.

What about the vineyards of Serdesh, and the red apples of Urmia, the place where Zarathustra was born illuminating humanity.

The vast fields, steppes of Selmas and Xoy, historical places of Kermanshah left from the Achaemenids ... Siyaw Chemane (a style of singing by ethnic Kurds) sung in the Hawrami language makes these things only more beautiful. It is not enough to describe Rojhilat land, its air and its beauties. You must go and live.

Confronting a system that cannot tolerate all these beauties is another issue. There is also the evil of the darkness that considers the natural life of Zoroastrianism, its cleanliness, and the philosophy of co-existence with nature as an enemy. In this regard, the struggle carried out by both environmentalists and guerrillas is a war of good against evil.

Last year, fires were started in many parts of Rojhilat. The Zagros Mountains were burned down. Oak trees are dense in Zagros and are among the trees with the deepest roots. By burning trees, Iran gives the message that "I could burn the history, resistance and roots of these people as I burned oak trees". Rejecting this, environmentalists and ecomentalists worked very hard to extinguish the fires. Ümit, Şerif and their friends from Marivan burned to death while trying to put out the fires in the village of Pile and Salasi on August 25, 2018. According to the people, their killer is the state. Sadun Mirzade from Marivan stated that the suspicious deaths of well-known people who protect the ecology are not limited to Şerif Bacwer and his friends. Muxtar Xendanî, Bilal Emini and Yasin Kerimi who lost their lives while trying to extinguish the fire that broke out in Pawe on June 28 were burned while trying to extinguish the fire that broke out on the road of protection.

One of the natural destructions that we come across as a state policy in the region is to pave the way for the people to cut trees. In the great economic crisis, one of the jobs that the poor people who cannot find their daily bread do to earn their living is to sell the coal they call Zuxal. Of course, tree cutting is increasing in order to produce coal. These trees are burned, and coal is made.