MEH: Anti-system movements must fight together

In a statement on the HDP's Ecology Forum, the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement points out the importance of uniting the struggle for the environment, the women's struggle and the other anti-system movements.

The Mesopotamian Ecological Movement (MEH) has issued a written statement on the Ecological Forum of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The statement says: "The exploitation of people, animals and nature, as well as violence against women, is reaching ever more massive proportions. It is obvious that in this situation the women's movement, the ecology movement and all anti-system movements must try to overcome this phase together, side by side, in solidarity.”

"Every sector is under attack, unity in struggle is a prerequisite"

In its statement, the ecology movement points out the many struggles that it is fighting at the moment in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. From the struggle against the Munzur dams to the Ida Mountains and the Canal-Istanbul, the ecology movement tries to defend the land, water and forests. "Now it is time for the ecology movement to unite the struggle. This means that the resistance of the ecology movement, the women's movement and all the anti-systemic forces must be made concrete together. We are convinced that this is the way to build a system of democratic modernity in the long term," said the MEH, greeting the HDP's Ecology Forum and seeing the meeting as a step towards uniting the struggles.