Kurdish women join week of action against climate change in Bern

Actions to draw attention to the climate crisis have been continuing in Switzerland for about a year.

The Swiss Climate Strike Initiative has been taking action in front of the National Parliament in Bern with the slogan "Change the system, not the climate" since 20 September and will end on Friday 25.

Activists camped in Bundeshaus Square since last Sunday. Among them are high school students, civil society organisations, left and socialist groups and political parties and migrant organizations.

During the action, which also includes an information tent, various panels and meetings are held on climate change and attacks against nature.

Activists addressed the Swiss government: "We see that the ecological system has been destroyed by the wrong policies of the states. We are here to demand an ecological and social future. We are the generation that will change this system. We have drawn attention to the ecological destruction that is driving our world to extinction. The Swiss government has not taken any concrete steps and on the contrary, invested in weapons and war industry, not in the rescue of the ecological system. Your bombs destroy our nature. We are refugees today because of your wrong policies.”

The action, which is supported by migrant organizations, also protested against the rising racism and wrong immigration policies in Europe.

The Kurdish women's assemblies in and around Bern also participated in the protest with the banner "Your bombs are dropping on Kurdistan, your bombs, your chemical weapons are killing our nature.”

The action will continue uninterruptedly until 25 September.