Kurdish guerrillas continue to resist Turkish invasion of Medya Defense Zones

The Kurdish guerrillas continue to resist the invasion of Medya Defense Zones by the Turkish army.

Guerrillas destroyed Turkish military equipment in Metîna, including a radar system. Two explosive drones were shot down over Zap.

Kurdish guerrillas have destroyed Turkish military equipment in the region of Metîna. The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) said in a statement that a unit of the Free Women's Units (YJA Star) destroyed a surveillance camera and a radar system permanently installed in the Serê Metîna resistance area on Sunday. The guerrillas also targeted a military position. In addition, a construction vehicle was seriously damaged.

Two drones shot down

The guerrillas shot down two drones loaded with explosives over Girê FM on the western front of the Zap region on Sunday. An enemy position was fired at nearby Girê Amêdî, and guerrilla artillery was fired at soldiers. On Saturday, an attempt to advance by the Turkish forces on the Girê Amêdî was stopped by a successful intervention of the HPG not far from the massif. In Girê Cûdî, the YJA Star prevented enemy soldiers from infiltrating on Friday.

In their statement, the HPG also commented on the latest attacks by the Turkish army, and said that the tunnel systems in Girê FM were attacked twice with chemical weapons and five times with banned bombs on Friday and Sunday. The guerrilla tunnels in Girê Cûdî were also bombed twice with explosives. The Turkish army carried out at least twenty further attacks with fighter planes over the weekend. Targets were hit in Xakurke, Metîna, Zap and Gare.