Historic bridge turned into a dumpsite!

Mardin municipality turned historic Haci Ahmet Aga Bridge in Savur to a dumpsite

The historic Hacı Ahmet Aga Bridge located in the Awina village of Savur district of Mardin has been turned into a garbage dumpsite by the municipality. Instead of restoring this hundreds of years old historic bridge, the municipality is polluting its surroundings instead.

Savur River, whose water level has shrunken to an alarming degree and is in danger to totally dry out, has regressed so much exposing an empty land space. And this dry riverbank has been used to dump garbage.

A resident of Awina village said: "They have turned every corner of the bridge into a dumpsite. Now they have issued the bid for the bridge's restoration. They are assaulting history. The ruling government is an enemy of nature and history."

The municipality has not issued a statement regarding the dumpsite at the foot of the bridge yet. 

The bridge on the Savur River was built at the behest of Haci Ahmet Aga by his children in the 1700's.