Greenhouse cultivation strikes root in Manbij

Vegetable cultivation is gradually increasing in Manbij with the support of the Agriculture Committee.

There is an increase in the areas planted in greenhouses in Manbij and its villages every year. While 60 hectares of land were planted last year, the Agriculture Committee stated that more areas will be planted this year. The committee, which keeps statistics of planting, helps citizens for the cultivation of vegetables, which are very expensive to plant outside. Citizens plant cucumbers, tomatoes and different vegetables.

Abdulqadir Hesen, who has been greenhousing in the Enzawiye village for years, said, “I started this business by planting tomatoes. Over time, I gained experience. Greenhousing is expensive. Each section of the greenhouse costs 3 million Syrian Liras. Once the saplings are planted, it takes 6 months for them to grow. One kilo of tomatoes is sold for between 600 and 700 Syrian Liras. We have water. Our land is fertile.”

The Agriculture Committee supports Manbij and its villages for planting. It sells a liter of diesel at 75 Syrian Liras. 450 liters of diesel oil is given per hectare.