Forest fire on Mount Cudi

A forest fire has broken out at the foothills of Mount Cudi in Şırnak. The cause is unclear; it is suspected that the Turkish military is once again lighting the fire.

A forest fire has broken out at the foothills of Mount Cudi in the province of Şırnak. The exact location of the fire is across the Teşta Mure area located between the villages of Çağlayan and Hisar in the Cizre district.

According to sources from the ground where the Turkish army launched an operation recently, the fire was started by the Turkish forces at a scene close to the military battalion.

While local people are not allowed to extinguish the fire, no action has been taken by the authorities to fight the fire.

Only on May 16 did a forest fire break out at the foothills of Mount Cudi near the village of Ikizce for an unknown reason. A brigade command of the Turkish military police is located in Ikizce and it was assumed that the forest fire had been ignited by soldiers.

Every year, devastating fires blaze in northern Kurdistan, consuming thousands of hectares of forest and cultivated land. Especially since the Turkish government unilaterally broke off peace talks with the PKK in 2015, it is again systematically burning down forests in Kurdish regions. This is part of the counterinsurgency and expulsion policy that has been in place in Kurdistan since the founding of the state in 1923.