Forest fire in Bingöl continues to spread

The forest fire in the Süveran region of Genç in Bingöl has been going on for three days. Koya Spi was completely burned in the fire that has spread around.

The forest fire in the Süveran region of Genç in Bingöl started on 25 June. The cause of the fire is not known yet. However, it coincided with a period when the Turkish army caused forest fires in many parts of Kurdistan.

The fact that the fire in Genç broke out in the area where the Süveran police station is located increased the suspicion that the soldiers could in fact be those who started the fire.

The fire spread to the villages of Güzeldere (Gaz), Dedebağı (Şexismal) and Çamlıyurt (Xodan) with the effect of the wind on the forest side. At least 20 settlements were affected by the fire.

The late and inadequate response to extinguish the fire caused protests among the people.

On Sunday night the fire was at just 3 kilometres from Genç district center.

It was stated that most of the forest area had already been burned.

In particular, almost the entire Koya Spi district was burned. The fire moved towards Kavaklı (Xereba) and Avnik during the night.

Not only men are in danger, because many animals, from turtles to hedgehogs, partridges to rabbits lived in the area engulfed by the flames.