Forest in Dersim still on fire

The forest fire caused by the operation of the Turkish soldiers in Dersim has not yet been brought under control as authorities did not intervene.

A fire broke out in the forest of Dersim, caused by the military operation launched by the Turkish army in the countryside of the village of Koçkozluca, located in the triangle between Ovacık, Hozat and Çemişgezek in Dersim, on 20 May. According to the information received from the villagers in the region, no attempt was made to extinguish the forest fire which is still on.

DEDEF: The fire threatens life in the region

The Federation of Dersim Associations (DEDEF) issued a statement on social media saying: "The fire threatens life in the region. The fire should be extinguished as soon as possible and the life of all living beings should be protected."

Also on 9 May, a forest fire broke out after the launch of a military operation in Amutka, close to the village of Koçkozluca.