Fire provoked by soldiers in Hozat continues to rage

The fire that broke out after a helicopter belonging to the invading Turkish soldiers fired down in the region of Hozat has been going on for 3 days. The invaders do not allow operations to extinguish the fire.

After an attack targeting an armoured vehicle going to the Amutka Police Station in Hozat, province of Dersim, an operation was launched by the invading Turkish soldiers in the region. During the operation, the rural areas of the villages of Dereköy and Gedikler (Geşnek) were bombarded. A helicopter fired down on the land and as a result a fire broke out. The fire has now been going on for 3 days. Operations to extinguish the fire are not allowed.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) executives, municipal teams and the people who set out from the center of Dersim trying to reach the area to extinguish the fire, were blocked by Turkish soldiers at the entrance of Hozat.

Turkish soldiers did not allow the people through on the grounds that the area where the fire broke out was a "special security area". The invaders also blocked the road to traffic.