Fire in the region of Şenyayla continues to spread

The fire that broke out 8 days ago in the region of Şenyayla in Muş still continues.

The fire that broke out 8 days ago in the region Şenyayla in Muş continues. Hundreds of trees were burned to ashes as the fire spread to different areas with every passing hour. Entrance to the area where the fire broke out has been restricted for "security" reasons.

Ihsan Aytemiş, chair of the Oak Association, reacted to the forest fire and called the "burning of the forest a massacre. We want the cause of these fires to be investigated. Those responsible should not go unpunished."

Speaking to Mezopotamya Agency, the General Directorate of Forestry Operations in Muş said that they had been trying to intervene and extinguish the fire for 5 days, but due to the terrain conditions, vehicles and employees could not get near the area on fire. The official of the directorate said that there was no possibility to extinguish the fire from the air.