Fire in Silopi threatens Rojava

A wildfire that broke out for reasons that have not yet been explained, not far from the border in Silopi in Northern Kurdistan, threatens to spread to Dêrik in Rojava. Firefighting measures have not yet been initiated.

A wildfire that broke out on Friday in the district of Silopi in the province of Şırnak threatens to spread to Rojava. Measures to fight the flames have not yet been initiated by the Turkish authorities.

The cause of the fire in the area surrounding the village of Bostancı is still unknown. However, there is a Turkish army border post very close to the village. It is quite possible that ammunition from the military guard was deliberately fired in order to trigger a wildfire with artillery fire. For years, the Turkish army has been destroying the nature of Kurdistan by systematically laying fires.

However, the flames in Bostancı threaten to spread to the city of Dêrik in northeastern Syria. The village marks the border between Northern Kurdistan and Rojava. On Thursday, soldiers from the Kalecik military base in the Beytüşşebap district east of Silopi had already triggered a wildfire in the village of Hisarkapı by artillery fire.