FEDA: Let's organise to protect Munzur Springs

FEDA said in a statement that the AKP-MHP government, targeting Munzur Springs, wanted to destroy the values of Kurdish-Alevis and Dersim, and called for an organized struggle.

The Democratic Alevi Federation (FEDA) issued a written statement regarding the attack on Munzur Springs.
The statement said: "The destruction of Munzur Springs shows that the racist nation-state has no limits when it comes to sell our nature to capital and powers. Our nature and the land of Dersim are dying under this reckless attack of the capital.”

The statement added. “What the fascist mentality wants to destroy is our history, culture, language, identity. The Turkish state wants to seize human sociality as well as waters, streams, forests, pastures and underground resources in order to accumulate capital and power. They do not care about natural disasters, biological epidemics, fires, global warming and drought which are the consequence of these policies. They want to empty Dersim and Kurdistan."

Emphasizing that it is possible to stop this persecution through an organized struggle, FEDA said: "Now is the time for all the forces of democracy, Alevi, Kurds, civil society organizations, ecologists, artists, intellectuals and faith leaders to put an end to this persecution. Now is the time for an organized struggle in FEDA."