Evîn Cûma: Turkey will cause an ecological disaster by cutting off water

Evîn Cûma, one of the executives of the Jazira Region Human Rights Organization, warned that the Turkish state cutting off the water of the Euphrates River would cause an ecological disaster.

The occupying Turkish state has been continuing the water shortage in the Euphrates River since November 2020. Responding to the water shortage, residents and officials warn of humanitarian and ecological disaster if the cut continues.

According to the Autonomous Administration Energy and Communication Department, the water rate in the reservoirs has dropped to around 5 meters so far.

According to the agreement signed between Turkey, Syria and Iraq in 1987, the Turkish state should deliver 500 m3 of water per minute to Syria from the Euphrates River. However, Ankara continues to use water as a weapon in its attacks on the region by bypassing the agreement.

Evîn Cûma, one of the directors of the Jazira Region Human Rights Organization, pointed out that the people of the region are experiencing difficulties this year due to the decrease in rainfall and the decrease in the water in the Euphrates River. She warned of the possibility of a humanitarian and ecological disaster.

Evîn Cûma told ANHA that the Turkish state's reduction of the level of water in the Euphrates River caused water needs, drought and especially favour the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). She added that these actions were preparations for genocide.

Cûma said: “Cutting the water of the Euphrates River according to Roman and international law is a crime of war and genocide. It is also a violation of the agreement signed between Syria, Iraq and Turkey. According to the agreement, 500 m3 of water per minute should reach Syria from the Euphrates River. This is not happening. In this context, fulfilling the responsibilities of both the Iraqi and Damascus governments should refer the Turkish state to the international court of justice.”

Evîn Cûma talked about the activity of the Human Rights Association and said: “We are currently preparing a report on the decrease of the water level in the Euphrates River to be sent to the relevant parties. In our report, there is a call to the UN to stop the crimes committed by the Turkish state against the Syrian people and to put pressure on the Turkish state.”

Cûma called on international legal organizations affiliated to the UN and organizations related to food security to put pressure on the Turkish state, which threatens the ecology and food security of the region.