Doctor Riha: Animals are killed and environment is destroyed by Turkish bombings

Doctor Firat Riha said that many animals were killed in the bombardments carried out by the Turkish state. Kurdistan environment is affected by the bombing, said Riha, calling on animal lovers to stand against the attacks.

Many animal species live in the mountains of Kurdistan. One of these animals is the pezkovî (mountain goat). The Turkish state is bombing the mountains of Kurdistan, especially the Medya Defense Areas. As a result, many living species are killed, including many pezkovi.

Firat Riha, who worked as a doctor in the guerrilla forces, had treated many pezkovi injured in the bombardments.

He said that the Turkish state is plundering the countryside of Kurdistan and added: "The Turkish state's attacks on Medya Defense Areas are not only directed against the guerrillas or the civilian population, but also against animals and the environment. We can see this in the killings by the Turkish state of people's animals. All living beings in the mountains of Kurdistan are exposed to these brutal attacks. The pezkovî in my lap – he said, showing the little goat - was also injured as a result of the bombardment by the Turkish state. After the bombardment, some of our comrades found this wounded pezkovî and brought it to me. We treat all living beings, not just humans. The pezkovi had wounds on its head and its paws were broken. After treating and healing, we will release it where it belongs."

Drawing attention to the Turkish state's attacks on the nature of Kurdistan, Firat Riha made a call: "Animals and nature lovers should stand up against the attacks by the Turkish state. The Turkish state cuts down trees, kills animals and ultimately kills the Kurdish environment and nature. Those who love nature and protect animals should not remain silent and oppose this savagery."