Brochure from Rojava: Cooperatives as a revolutionary strategy

The Internationalist Commune of Rojava has published a brochure on cooperatives in northeast Syria. Heval Zinar reflects on his experiences in the Economic Committee and sees cooperatives as a revolutionary strategy.

The Internationalist Commune of Rojava has published a new brochure. Under the title "Revolution and Cooperatives: Thoughts about my time with the economic committee in Rojava" internationalist Heval Zinar reflects on his experience with cooperatives as a revolutionary strategy against capitalist modernity. The brochure is 20 pages long and can be accessed online.

The goal of the cooperatives is “to build a spirit of social responsibility for the development of a moral and political society, making themselves the foundations.” as well as “The production of the basic necessities of society according to the conditions of the war economy”.

The author has gained an insight into the current economic reality in Rojava through discussions with other people. This is also about solving the big questions in building an alternative social system. The brochure reads:

“You have to renew yourself continuously. Water that flows continuously is always clean. Water that stays in the same place and doesn’t renew itself begins to rot and becomes polluted. How do we renew ourselves? Through practice and education. It is not the case that someone gets an education then goes into practice, no, education continues with practice. So as long you don’t cut yourself off from your population and continue education you will always have this system of discussing your experience and deciding what step to take next. With your population, you are continuously renewing yourself and are able to fight stagnation and the road that leads to capitalism.”