AKP continues its ecocide in Hakkari

While many stream beds in Hakkari were buried in concrete under the name of 'improvement', trees, plants and animals were slaughtered and natural life was destroyed.

Thousands of living creatures and plant species live in Hakkari, which has a magnificent countryside with its mountains, valleys and streams. The AKP government is trying to destroy this natural life through profit, dams, HEPPs and mines. Dozens of dams and HEPPs were built in the Hakkari Cilo mountains and Zap Valley.

There are also dozens of mines in Hakkari and its districts. Due to these mines, many water resources in the region have been polluted and natural life has been destroyed. The AKP government, which destroyed large valleys and streams with HEPPs and dams, has also turned natural life in small valleys and streams into concrete under the name of 'improvement'. Thousands of trees in the valleys were cut down, plants and living creatures were destroyed and buried in concrete.

The streams passing through Hakkari city center and its neighbourhoods and many valleys in Gever (Yüksekova), Çelê (Çukurca) and Şemzînan (Şemdinli) are being destroyed. Those valleys and streams are home to thousands of kinds of plants, insects, reptiles and other creatures. Almost all of the stream beds in villages, hamlets and neighbourhoods have been buried in concrete.

A citizen named Isa Çiftçi, living in Hakkari city center, said that nature was being destroyed due to the so-called 'improvement' of the streams.

Çiftçi added: “There were not only trees there. This was also the home of many animals. They were natural wonders, especially in spring, summer and autumn. These places were sites where people breathed. There were many wild fruits. There were walnut, apple, pear and other fruit trees. We used to collect our fruits in these valleys every year and sell the extra ones in the city center. But today, these green areas have been buried under concrete. Thousands of trees in and outside the stream were destroyed. Currently, there are no trees, plants or other living things living in the streams. The ‘recuperation of streams destroyed nature."