Agricultural employment rate increases in Raqqa

In Raqqa, one of the leading cities of agriculture-based economy, employment rate increases with the beginning of the harvest season.

The harvest season began in Raqqa, one of the leading cities of agriculture-based economy. Hence, the rate of agricultural employment which shoulders the majority of economic burden in the region has increased with the arrival of the harvest season. In the region, many people work in seasonal labor fields to save up for the year.

Mihemed Xelil who works in seasonal labor fields indicated the limited period to earn their livings and stated that there are many working opportunities in the harvest season and the wages are sufficient for them.

In seasonal labor fields, the employees work together in large or small groups; the numbers of the workers depend on the requirement of the work.

Xelil who is employed in straw bagging said that they, as a 7-person team, work wherever they find an employment along the harvest season.

The wages also depend on the conditions of the work. For instance, while an employee is paid 400 Syrian Liras to bag grain, the one bagging straw is paid 500 Syrian Liras.

Raşid El Hesen, an employee working in seasonal labor fields also stated that the wages are satisfying.