444 settlement areas cut off from the outside world

Due to heavy snowfall, public life has come to a standstill in four Kurdish provinces. More than 400 villages and settlement areas are cut off from the outside world. The authorities warn of an increased danger of avalanches.

In the Northern Kurdistan provinces of Van, Bitlis, Muş and Hakkari, 444 settlement areas are currently cut off from the outside world because of heavy snowfall. Paths and roads are snowed in and in some places icy, neither the residential areas are accessible nor can the villages be left. Public life has come to a virtual standstill. In addition, the authorities are warning of increased avalanche danger.

It is not only the rural areas of the provinces that are affected. The snow is also causing massive problems in the city centers. In the province of Van alone, 211 towns are trapped in the white masses, in Hakkari the number of snow-covered villages is 40. In addition, in at least 126 hamlets there are no roads that can be passed.