Your Freedom and Mine

Poetry, music, films and talks to celebrate Rojava and the resistance struggle of the Kurdish Freedom Movement is the proposal of Peace in Kurdistan Campaign.

An evening of poetry, music and film celebrating the resistance struggle of the Kurdish Freedom Movement on the occasion of the publication of “Freedom Poems for Ocalan” marking Abdullah Ocalan’s 70th birthday. 

The appointment, organised by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign, is on Tuesday, 16 July at 7.30pm at Theatro Technis (26 Crowndale Road, London NW1 1TT, 5 min from Mornington Crescent station/Northern Line).

The book Freedom poems for Öcalan can be downloaded here

The first of the evenings of poetry, music, films and talks was dedicated to Rojava and was a success.


Freedom poems for Öcalan

"Writing poetry, in a way, is a quest for freedom", Abdullah Öcalan had written once. So Peace in Kurdistan Campaign has decided to celebrated the Kurdish people's leader with a collection of poems. 

"The poems collected in this volume are presented to Abdullah Öcalan on his 70th birthday on 4 April 2019", said in a statement Peace in Kurdistan.

"They are each a gesture of solidarity and token of friendship for Öcalan himself and for the Kurdish people from whom he is inseparable.

Each poem is an expression of admiration for the spirit of the Kurds, inspired by their resilience, resistance and belief in the joy of life." 

The book, said in a statement Peace in Kurdistan Campaign "looks forward to a time when Abdullah Ocalan himself will be able to read the poems contained in its pages at leisure and in freedom. That will be an important milestone in the liberation of the Kurds as a whole and only then will our task have been achieved."