Van Bar Association launches Kurdish language course for its members

The Van Bar Association will inaugurate a Kurdish language course to teach Kurdish to its member lawyers.

Van Bar Association established a Kurdish Language Commission which includes 75 lawyers. The commission will teach Kurdish to the member lawyers of the bar association. Kadir Kutevi, a member of the commission, said that the commission will stand against assimilation policies.


Kutevi stated that many lawyers in the city have no proficiency in reading and writing Kurdish. “We will open language classes for lawyers to learn Kurdish. 75 colleagues are in this commission. We will employ teachers who study in the field of Kurdish in Van," he said.

Noting that lawyers also have to make translations in courts, Kutevi continued, "There are so many problems. The accent of each region is different in the Kurdistan region. The translations need to be made separately and correctly. With the commission we have established, we will teach Kurdish to our lawyer colleagues and help them make their profession more professional.”


Kutevi noted that they also wanted to organize a dengbêj concert, depending on the easing of the pandemic restrictions after the Ramadan Feast. He said they would talk about what they can do with lawyers who study on the Kurdish language in the region. The commission will invite the families of the murdered Kurdish lawyers to listen to their stories.  He added that they would also organize seminars which focus on assimilation policies on Kurdish.