Theatre discussed at Rojava Book Fair

The Second Rojava Book Fair will end today.

The Second Rojava Book Fair will end today, Wednesday after five days of activities.

A big crowd attended the Fair and joined the many activities organised at the Zana Hall in Qamishlo.

One of the events on Tuesday was much attended by people: it was the screening of a short film about the trainings of the Asayish (Public Security) Forces.

Writer Bashir Mele Newaf gave a seminar called "Şano".

In the seminar, he talked about the role of theater in the life of the people and its importance in the education of society.

"Theater has been a strong and vital tradition in the Middle East for centuries. But the sovereign and capitalist forces put obstacles in front of artistic and cultural movements in order to leave society behind", said Bashir Mele Newaf.