'The Art of Freedom' conference to be held in November

The Academy of Democratic Modernity will hold 'The Art of Freedom -Strategies for organising and collective resistance' conference in November.

Preparations are underway for a conference called 'The Art of Freedom -Strategies for organising and collective resistance' that the Academy of Democratic Modernity will hold between 17 and 19  November in Switzerland.

The event

At this conference, the organisers said they will "primarily address paths out and perspectives on solutions. What are the fundamental aspects of the urgent and radical intellectual, moral and political renewal of opposition to the system? Starting from this question, we want to collectively discuss different aspects of resistance against the system at this conference. Besides the necessary theoretical debate, different movements will share their experiences and strategies to think together about strengthening their practice and common struggle.

An international democratic intervention that opposes the system is more necessary than ever in this era of crisis. Social problems are increasingly aggravated. Democratic forces are confronted with the challenge of (re)politicising societies and creating democratic subjects. Politics that are not based on state and power, but on the grassroots diffusion of political power in society, is the art of freedom. This type of social politics creates the possibility for liberation. Democratic and popular forces and those against the hegemonic system must reclaim their history of resistance and further this legacy by creating spaces in which freedom is learned and lived immediately.

We would like to address central questions that are currently facing emancipatory and liberatory politics. How can we connect the idea of democratic socialism with the concrete reality of life today? What is the role of intellectual struggle, historical consciousness, ecology, women's liberation, class struggle, etc.?

On the other hand, we are still confronted with the politics of the nation state that homogenises societies and which leads a permanent struggle against multi-ethnic, multicultural society. In various places around the world, social movements are resisting capitalist colonialism and peoples and societies repeatedly exert their right to self-determination. Therefore, a central theme will be perspectives of self-determination and autonomy in the 21st century. However, emancipatory politics today is not only confronted with the question of a correct theory that provides answers for the intricate reality of practice. What forms of organisation and institutions should the forces of democratic modernity take in building a more peaceful, safe, ecological and just world?

The congress aims to generate a collective space to identify common challenges, to try and create answers, for questions to blossom and for intellectual exchange on the practice and concepts between various movements. Meanwhile we want to bridge gaps between struggles, broaden our common perspectives, and weave together strategic lines of resistance. It is an invitation to lay new bricks in the theoretical and practical construction of strategies for organising and collective resistance. We see it as a critical task to initiate dialogue on the respective strategies of political forces."


The Academy of Democratic Modernity said it is essential to pre-register at [email protected] with the subject “Conference: The Art of Freedom” and name, territory and whether coming on behalf of an organisation.

It is important to register in advance and receive a confirmation e-mail to participate.

The deadline for registration is 30th October 2023.