Saz courses in Shengal

Shengal Culture and Art Center continues its activities. 

Within the scope of its cultural program, the centre encourages young people to engage in artistic activities. And to promote this approach to culture, the centre opened a course which is being attended by 8 students.

The students are studying 2 days a week and learn the technique of saz.

Saz teacher Xelef Bapîr said that they wanted to educate young people on the basis of their culture by giving saz education. Bapîr invited young people to participate to the cultural activities to protect their culture.

One of the students of the course - Sam Bapir, told RojNews that the saz culture had a special place in the culture, so they enrolled in the course and learned to play the instrument. 

Dilesam Bapîr said that they have been studying for around one month and the course going well.