Ji bo azadiyê reaches cinemas in the Basque Country

Ji bo azadiyê (The end will be spectacular) has been in competition at the València Film Festival. Despite the state of alarm declared in the Spanish state, the film continues its tour, landing in the Basque country.

The 35th edition of the València Film Festival, was held in the city of Valencia: a week of films from the geographical and cultural Mediterranean.

One of the films within the official section was the Kurdish film Ji bo azadiyê (The end will be spectacular), a production of the Rojava Film Commune shot in the city of Kobane. After Valencia, the film is continuing its tour across the Spanish State. 

Ji bo azadiyê tells the story of a young Kurdish woman who returns to Amed after her brother is killed by the Turkish state and ended up joining the people's uprising in Sur against the Turkish police and army.

The film is based on diaries and testimonies of fighters who, in some cases, have represented the main characters of the film.

The film has been scheduled in three sessions in Valencia and has been a success with the public. The festival has been attended by Diyar Hesso, producer and member of the Rojava Film Commune.

Hesso told the audience in the questions and answers following the screening of the film about the difficulties of the process of creating the film in a context of war. He also spoke of the persecution and attempt at censorship to which the film is subjected by the Turkish state. He answered questions about the current situation of the struggle for the liberation of the Kurdish people.

The solidarity collectives with the Kurdish people Azadi Jin País Valenciá and the Committee of Solidarity with Kurdistan, which have collaborated in the diffusion and publicity of the film, attended the screening and were able to share reflections with the members of the film crew.

Despite the state of alarm declared in the Spanish state, the film will be shown in Bilbao on Sunday 1 November and on Monday 2 November in Donostia. On Sunday, at 12.30 pm, the Kurdistan Solidarity Platform will be organising a demonstration, part of the events for Kobane World Day, in Arriaga Square.