Grup Yorum concert banned, audience arrested in Istanbul

Those going to the Grup Yorum concert in Istanbul were battered and arrested by the police who also made press members delete their photos.

Police forces have obstructed the concert in Istanbul organised by the socialist music band Grup Yorum, two members of which -Helin Bölek and İbrahim Gökçek- died while on death fast against the concert bans and repression against the band earlier this year.

The Governorate of Istanbul had already imposed a ban on the concert months ago. Short before the long-planned concert began, police forces deployed to the Yenikapı Square besieged the area and subjected all passers-by to criminal record check.

Those who made it to the concert grounds despite the obstructions ended up in police custody. Those detained here include a handicapped man by the name of İrfan Yılmaz.

Police forces also prevented the press members from doing their job, subjecting all the correspondents in the area to criminal record check and making them delete all their photographs from the scene. The police siege in Yenikapı area continues.