Festival de L'Humanité underway in Paris

The Festival de l'Humanité organized by the French paper l'Humanité is underway in Paris. Three days of panels, exhibitions, concerts and many information stands among which is that of CDK-F and France Kurdistan.

The Festival of l'Humanité is organized annually by the newspaper L’Humanité, the French Communist Party organ.

Panels, exhibitions and concerts are offered at the festival, which is held at the Parc Départemental in La Courneuve and will end on Sunday.

The three-day Festival, which started with the opening speech by L'Humanité editor-in-chief Patric Le Hyaric, includes discussions and debates on topics such as climate, upcoming French local elections, rising extreme right, social movements, war and peace.

IInformation stands have been opened and offer cultural events, concerts, panels and artistic performances.

The CDK-F and France Kurdistan have opened their information stand. France Kurdistan has launched the campaign for the liberation of former HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtas, and presented the French edition of Demirtas' books.

HDP and CDK-F representatives will hold panels today.

The CDK-F information tent offers brochures and books prepared by CDK-F Foreign Relations Office, while handcrafted jewelery made by Paris Women's Cooperative are also on display at the stand.

During the first day of the festival, on Friday, TEV-ÇAND artists introduced Kurdish tunes and music to the participants.

The Kurdish Women's Movement and members of the Drancy, Villiers Le Bel Democratic Society Centers are also present at the stand to present festival goers with a taste of Kurdish cuisine!

Cemile Renkliçay on behalf of CDK-F and Sylvie Jan on behalf of France Kurdistan addressed the crowd from the main stage of the festival.

Renkliçay commended the Kurdish women who fought against DAESH violence and crudelty and talked about the current attacks carried out by Turkey.

Sylvia Jan, on the other hand, drew attention to the situation of the dismissed co-mayors in Amed, Van and Mardin and remainded that there are hundreds of HDP members and executives in jail. 

Renkliçay also called on the international forces of democracy to express their solidarity with the Kurdish people.

The festival has a rich music program which includes Stevie Wonder, Cesaria Evora, Black Desire, Jimmy Cliff, Juliette Greco and Johnny Hallyday.

Numerous new books and their authors will meet with the readers at the Book Village, while thousands of children have already taken possession of the children's village.