Exhibition called "Voice of Civilization" opened in Kobanê

The Afrin Culture and Art Committee opened a painting exhibition called "The Voice of Civilization"  to draw attention to the rights violations in Turkish-occupied Afrin.

The exhibition, which was previously opened in Shehba and Aleppo, is now open at the Baqî Xido Culture and Art Center in Kobanê.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by representatives of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, representatives of political parties, civil society organizations and many Kobanê citizens.

"Afrin is the city of peace and love", said Hemdan Al-Ebid, deputy co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria.

"Afrin is the symbol of civilization and cultures. - Al-Ebid added - But today, unfortunately, because of the Turkish occupation is known for crimes and horror. Demography is being changed by the Ottomans. All historical places are being attacked."

The co-chair of the Culture and Art Committee of the Euphrates region, Rêzan Nasan, said that the Turkish state has plundered the heritage of civilization in front of the whole world's eyes.

Following the speeches, a video was shown describing the historical sites.