Elementary school in Rojava wins painting competition in Germany

An elementary school in Amûdê, Northeast Syria, has won the painting competition of the Essen Advent calendar.

It all began in January 2020 with the announcement of a painting competition in the Essen Advent Calendar, a participatory calendar for families, daycare centers, schools and for all children between four and twelve years of age (circulation 200,000 copies). Last year it was held under the motto "Signs of Peace" and the task was "Paint the Peace! - What does peace actually look like?"

The idea to paint peace pictures also came to an elementary school in Amûdê in Rojava. The teachers set to work with the children. All pictures were photographed and e-mailed to Essen. There a colorful collage was created. In total, there were over 500 entries from all German-speaking countries.

On November 3, the head of the editorial office wrote: "(...) We were so happy about this entry! Of the more than 500 letters we received, this was really the most surprising one and the one that moved us in the editorial team the most.”

"For this extraordinary contribution, we now have a winner's certificate to hang on the wall and a memory game with lots of peace signs to color in. Both as PDF by e-mail to Rojava with warm greetings to all students and teachers. A great project! More of it please!”