Director of documentary Hêza dedicates new award to journalist Deniz Fırat

Portugal awarded the documentary Hêza, directed by Derya Deniz. Deniz dedicated the “Don Quixote Award” to journalist Deniz Fırat on the eighth anniversary of her death.

The MDOC documentary film festival’s themes were memory, identity and borders. The festival was held in the city of Melgaço, the city that most resisted  Salazar fascism, which ruled Portugal from 1933 to 1974.

42 short and feature-length documentary films from 25 countries participated in the festival, which ended on Sunday, 7 August.

The festival was dedicated to the French writer and film critic Jean Loup Passek.

The "Don Quixote Award" was given to the documentary Hêza, directed by Derya Deniz.

The festival organisers said that "what makes the movie Hêza worthy of the award is not only that it is well written, interpreted and shot, but also that it can transport the audience to the depths of the heroine's drama through touching images and an engaging soundtrack. It pays tribute to the strength of women who fight bravely against difficulties."

Afat Baz, who received the award on behalf of the team, talked about the struggle of journalist Deniz Fırat, who was killed during the attack launched by ISIS mercenaries in Maxmur in 2014, and dedicated the award to Fırat and to all press workers who died in the fight against ISIS.

The Don Quijote Award is a prize from the IFSS – International Federation of Film Societies - given at selected festivals.