Children's Festival of the Euphrates Region ended in Kobanê

The third children's festival of the Euphrates Region took place in Kobanê. The colorful program of events was attended by 47 groups of children from different cities.

Mesopotamia Democratic Culture and Arts Movement and Kevana Zêrîn have organized the third children's festival of the Euphrates Region in Kobanê under the motto “children are the richness of art and free lifetime”.

The event at the Baqî-Xido Cultural Center was attended by 47 children's groups from Kobanê, Manbij, Raqqa, Tabqa, Gire Spi (Tal Abyad), Sirrin and Ain Issa. The three-day program included activities in the fields of music, folklore, theater, dance and sports.

Sêvlîn Yûsif, one of the organizers of the festival told ANF that there was a lot of interest. More than 300 children have appeared in various artistic fields "individually or collectively", said Yûsif and pointed out that the aim of the event was to bring together children from different backgrounds and to give them the idea of ​​a "democratic nation" at an early age.

The performances of children from Kurdish, Arabic, Circassian and Turkmen communities in the Euphrates region in northern Syria provided a colorful picture at the festival.

The Cultural Movement in the Cizire region hosted a children's cultural festival in Rimelan for the fifth time in September, which also lasted three days.