Book on Rojava Revolution in Russian

A group of young people from various occupations in Russia visited Rojava (Western Kurdistan) and wrote a book on their observations on the life there and the revolution.

An activist group who call themselves the Friends of the Kurdistan Revolution in Russia and who are known for their work on this area have published a book titled “LIFE WITHOUT A STATE: THE REVOLUTION IN KURDISTAN”, a compilation of articles investigating the process from the beginning of the Rojava Revolution until the present day.

The book includes articles on various subjects by people from Rojava and Russia including Maxim Lebsky, Dimitri Petrov and Dimitri Orest. Authors of the book are known for their previous publications on the history of Kurdistan (Rojava in particular), Turkey and the Soviet Union.

The book is not just observations and articles from an outside view, but turns into an extensive work with interviews with representatives from important areas like the economy, women and the political structure. The book goes past being important for the Russian reader and becomes a publication that will answer the questions of readers from all circles interested in the subject.

The book was published in Russia by early July, and is expected to be translated into Turkish and Kurdish soon.