Şeyda Asmin publishes new book in Kirmancki

Raywanîya Rojawa, the new book of Şeyda Asmin who writes her works in Kirmancki has been published by Meyman Publishing House.

The 80-page book prepared for edition by Newaya Jin Journal includes dozens of stories. The majority of the stories are set in Rojava and tell the resistance against ISIS mercenaries.

The stories also tell of love, homeland, betrayal, disappointments, aspirations and desires. The stories have been written in Kobani, Afrin, Qamishlo, Aleppo and Xinere between 2012 and 2020 and tell about war and its different colours.

One of the outstanding stories in the book mentions a soldier captured by the guerrillas in Qileban district of Şirnak in 1994.

As well as another book in Kirmancki, ‘Zeman Sey Fekê Kardî Bi-Hîkayeyê Koyî’ (The Time was Like a Blade-Mountain Tales), the author has got short stories and poems published in various journals and publications.

Kamer Söylemez wrote the introduction to the book. “These stories are a mirror of Rojava,” writes Söylemez, adding that the stories are about before and after the 19 July Revolution and the deep wounds caused by war. Wounds that are still ongoing and would need years to heal.

The cover for the book was drawn and designed by Sinan Hezer.

As of July, the readers can attain the book from Meyman Publishing House:
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @Wesanen_Meyman
Tel: 0031 65 79 13 039
Site: pirtukxane.net