28th Hüseyin Çelebi Literature Event takes place in Basel today

The 28th Hüseyin Çelebi Literature Event, led by YXK and JXK activists, will be held in Basel today.

The 28th Hüseyin Çelebi Poetry and Short Story Literary Event, which was expected to be held in Freiburg, according to the initial statements made by the promoters, YXK and JXK activists, will be held in Basel today due to a technical problem. The event will be held at 2 pm at 'Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 Basel'.

Yekîtiya Xwendekarên Kurdistan‎ (YXK) and Jinên Xwendekarên Kurdistan (JXK) announced that they will organize the 28th Hüseyin Çelebi Poetry and Short Story Literary Event with the slogan "Celebrate literature, art and resistance with us!".

The winners in Kurdish, German and Turkish will be announced by those who participate in the event.

The preparatory committee also thanked the juries who contributed to the selection.

The jury of the Kurdish poetry and short story category was composed by:

"Elixan Loran

Renas Jiyan

Fatma Prosecutor

Dilawer Zeraq

Luqman Guldive

Yildiz Cakar."

The jury of the Turkish poetry and short story category were composed by:

"Dogan Cetin

Vecdi Erbay

Mihemed Porger

Gulcan Dereli

Hijri Ozgoren

Inspirational Sidar

Sercan Aydin.

Members of KURD-AKAD (Kurdish Academics and Professionals Network) will participate as the jury in the poetry category in German.


The program of the event is as follows:

"-Exhibition by artist Serdar Mutlu

- TJK-E speech

- Speech by Huseyin Celebi's father, Rıfat Celebi

-Speeches by TCŞ (Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger) activists

-Speeches by Hüseyin Çelebi’s friends."

The event will continue with Koma Hivron, Hozan Şemdin taking the stage and activities such as folklore and govend.

The Event Preparatory Committee called on all patriots, democratic circles and literature lovers to participate.