YSK President: Elections will be held again in 4 places on 2 June

YSK President Ahmet Yener said that the extraordinary objection process would end on 14 April and announced that the elections in 4 places would be held again on 2 June.

Ahmet Yener, the President of the Supreme Board of Elections (YSK), celebrated Eid with members of the press covering the appeal process on the 31 March General Local Elections.

Yener said that the objection process to the decisions of provincial and district election boards was completed as of yesterday and the extraordinary objection process will end on 14 April.

Giving information about the results of the objections of the parties, Yener said: "The AKP's objections were accepted in 2 places. Likewise, CHP's objection in 1 place was accepted. The objections of the MHP in 1 place and the DEM Party in 2 places were accepted. The process continues. Today, our board will convene at 14.00."

Yener announced that the elections in Pınarbaşı district of Kayseri, Hilvan district of Urfa, a town in Edirne and a constituency in Sivas will be held again on 2 June.