Kum: DEM will make Iğdır a real people's municipality

Necla Kum, one of the DEM Party Iğdır municipality co-mayor candidates, said that they will offer real municipality services to the people.

Necla Kum, one of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Iğdır municipality co-mayor candidates, said: "Our door will always be open to people. All the work we do will be transparent and based on accountability."

Iğdır (Îdir) is preparing to welcome the DEM Party in the 31 March local elections. Necla Kum was born in Iğdır in 1980. She served as HDP Iğdır Provincial co-chair in 2020. She was elected as a candidate by the people in the primary elections.

Speaking to ANF, Kum said that she is aware of the mission given by the people and how heavy and great responsibility the task she will undertake requires, and added: "I promise that I will do my best to fulfil this duty properly to my party and my people. In the primary elections, I saw once again how much our patriotic people value labor. In every house we went to, I saw with great happiness that our people support us with great love. I am convinced that we will win our municipality again. We will provide real municipality services for the people of Iğdır."

Our door will always be open

Pointing to the DEM Party's municipal program and local election declaration, Necla Kum continued: "Our door will always be open to the people. All the work we do will be transparent and based on accountability. We will create a real people's municipality. Our investments and projects will be for people, not for a profit-making municipality. The city will be more livable and child-friendly, with green areas for cleaner air."

Drawing attention to their party's women's freedom paradigm, Kum stated that they will seriously focus on women's work and added: "We will do our best to help women reveal their self-power, express themselves freely and organize."