YPJ Spokeswoman calls for a united struggle against Turkish attacks: “Silence is complicity"

YPJ Spokeswoman, Ruksen Mihemed, calls for a struggle based on the Revolutionary People’s War in response to the increasingly ongoing Turkish attacks on North-East Syria.

Ruksen Mihemed, Spokesperson for the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), spoke to ANF about the latest wave of Turkish attacks against North-East Syria.

Defining the Turkish aggression as barbarism, Mihemed remarked that the Turkish state targeted the Democratic Nation paradigm and committed a policy of genocide against the Kurds and the peoples living in the region.

Recalling that the peoples and fighters of the region defended the world and humanity against ISIS terror, she continued, “The region is faced with Turkey’s aerial attacks once again today as silence on Turkey’s attacks continues. Silence is approval and complicity.”

Defining the aggression as a reflection of the Turkish state policy of denial and annihilation, Ruksen Mihemed added, “Turkey uses all its technical and technological means against the people of the region, proving its intolerance toward the Rojava Revolution, which became known worldwide as a Women’s Revolution.”

Noting that the YPJ has always stood against the mentality that ignores, targets and kills women, she continued, “The slogan ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadî’ is a paradigm, a philosophy. It represents a free idea. Women, and Kurdish women in particular, are in a constant state of resistance and fighting for a free, democratic and equal life. All women, mainly those in East Kurdistan (Iran), fight for the truth and do not bow down. In response to women’s struggle, the truth they represent and their fight for freedom and humanity, the Turkish state seeks to destroy the Rojava Revolution which sets an example to all world women.”

The YPJ Spokeswoman made the following appeal to the population of the region, peoples of the Middle East and the world, and their friends, “Everyone should rise up and raise their voice in the streets. Women and young people in particular should give a strong response to these attacks. Let’s be one voice and one fist and take to the streets to protect the values of the Rojava Revolution.”

Ruksen Mihemed remarked that the Turkish state carried out these attacks in order to intimidate the locals and depopulate the region. She called for enhanced struggle against attacks, calling for revenge and a stand based on the Revolutionary People’s War against attacks that seek to destroy women’s gains.

The YPJ Spokeswoman stressed that they would protect the region’s people and women’s achievements no matter how extensive attacks might be, adding, “This is a defense of the people’s values. Our struggle serves to move the world from dark to light and ensure its safety.”