Yazidi women in Aleppo call upon all Yazidis to unite

Yazidi women in Aleppo condemned the schemes against Shengal and urged Yazidis to struggle in unity and to claim their identity.

Six years have passed since the ISIS massacre in Shengal. However, threats against the Yazidi community continue. Most recently, the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have signed an agreement which disregards the will of the Yazidi community. The Yazidi people designate the agreement as the continuation of the genocide. The Yazidis in Shengal organized demonstrations in front of the Ezidxan Asayish (Public Security) to protest the agreement. Furthermore, Yazidis took to the streets all over the world in protest at the agreement.


Ranya Cefer, member of the Yazidi House Coordination in Aleppo, celebrated the Yazidi holy festival, Çarşema Sor (Red Wednesday), saying: “A dirty policy is being implemented against the Yazidi people. Therefore, all Yazidis should protect the Êzidxan Asayish. Everyone should actively participate in the ‘We are all Êzidxan Asayish’ campaign. Likewise, the international community should take responsibility."


A young Yazidi woman named Rocîn Qelender remarked that: “The Turkish state has always wanted to annihilate us throughout history. Recently it is trying to do the same in Afrin and Shengal. Therefore, we should come together around our belief and claim our struggle. We must protect our culture. We want the occupation of the Turkish state to end and Leader Abdullah Öcalan to be free.”


Another Yazidi woman Yara Hisko noted that the Çarşema Sor has not been celebrated in Afrin for the last 3 years. "No matter how much they attack, they cannot lay hands on our will. We will keep the Yazidi belief flourish under all conditions. We support the resistance in Shengal. Our unity shows that they are defeated. We want a brotherhood of the peoples," Hisko added.