Women said to have commited suicide are often victims of femicide, say women organizations

Speaking about the suspicious death of 4 women in 7 days in Van, Rojbin Bor from the Star Women's Association said that femicides are often portrayed as "suicide" and are the result of the women's policy implemented by the government.

Many deaths of women recorded as "suicide" or "accident", are actually "murders" as a new investigation by women's organizations reveals.

According to the data compiled by JINNEWS, at least 36 women from the cities of Kurdistan and Turkey were killed by men in October. 21 women died under suspicious circumstances. According to the data of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform (KCDP), 34 women were murdered and 26 women died in suspicious circumstances.

The killing of thousands of women is still covered up as "suicide" due to the lack of an effective investigation, Rojbin Bor, Director of Star Women's Association, which operates in Van, said, adding that the women's policies implemented by the government helps the lack of investigation and the quick classification as “suicide” of suspicious deaths.

Bor spoke to the Mesopotamya Agency (MA) about the suspicious death of 4 women in 7 days in Van and drew attention to the systematic violence experienced by women. Bor stated that they do not accept the rhetoric of the "suicide" theory, and added: "Turkey has now become a huge women's graveyard."

Stating that the perpetrators attack taking strength from the women's policies of the power, Bor said: "The perpetrators can say to women with great confidence, 'I will kill you’ because they know that they won’t be punished. They see that they are not punished for their crimes. For this reason, there is an increase in femicides. We know that behind every suspicious woman's death there is a man, we know that there is an instigator.”

Stating that the government approaches the women's struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan differently, Bor said: "When women take to the streets in the West, they are tried for 'demonstration and protest against the law', but in Kurdistan, women are on trial for 'membership in a terrorist organization'. She said that although the government makes a distinction between "east" and "west", women face the same problems all over the world.